Game Dev Tactics is a website about leveling up game development skills and general thoughts on interactive experiences.

Game Dev Tactics is a website dedicated to being an inventory of tutorials, walkthroughs, and discussions about the wonderful world of game development. The main focus of the posts is to illustrate techniques and tips that can assist the reader in their game development journey. Making games is hard and any resources we can provide each other that makes that process a little easier is much appreciated.

Initially most posts may be centered around programming, but the hope is to encompass all disciplines associated with game development. Each article should provide something useful to the reader that they can take away and apply to their work or maybe at the very least spur creative thinking.

A big inspiration for this site was CSS-Tricks. CSS-Tricks is/was a wonderful web development site that had terrific articles, guides, ideas, and tips on the incredible world of web development. It was a goto source for web development, but nothing like that really exists for game development. Most game dev resources are rightly dedicated to a specific skill set so devs can level up and be productive in their dedicated field. So that's where lies the problem, web dev ≠ game dev. Making a site that caters to game development as a whole is difficult because of the myriad of disciplines that are involved to make interactive experienices. Game devlopment includes, but isn't limited to programming, audio, 3D modelling, 2D art, game design, VFX, SFX, music, story telling, world building, etc. We can't be the best in every category so additional help is needed to fill in the blanks.

Great games come in all shapes and sizes, and most indie developers can't be a jack of all trades and conquor of all, So sometimes we have lean on our strenghts and make something special out of constraints. This site aims to help game developers implement features, streamline processes, discover new ideas, or just simply provide a line of code that unblocks them on their next step. Together we'll desicuss programming, art, design, and hopefully everything else associated with game develeopment.

I hope to make this place an area we can learn and grow together as game developers.


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